Some people spend thousands of dollars on things for their events like decorations and photographers yet try to spend the least of their budget when it comes to the entertainment portion.  But statistics show that a staggering 99% of party guests after just a few months don't remember anything else other than the musical entertainment.  


 A lot of people don't realize exactly how much work goes into being a DJ.  Especially a professional DJ.   A lot of money is spent marketing to get our name out there like advertising, business promoting,  networking, community service, etc.  Then we have the upkeep of business licenses, commercial insurance,  extensive high quality music collections and maintaining professional gear and equipment. 


Another important aspect is time.   Before people commit to our service we normally spend a lot of time communicating back and forth as we figure out a timeline and price for exactly what you need.   We are willing to meet with every potential
client face to face prior to having them make a decision.  This can take up a few hours sometimes, not including mileage and traveling.  Our next step is
planning.  On average, we spend over 30 hours for each event we’re involved with
(weddings take even more prep time).   We become the "go to" person, answering questions and helping guide the event throughout the planning process. 


   A day or two before the event we prep our equipment (cleaning, organizing, double checking connections etc.),  we make sure our music collection is up to date and make sure we have the appropriate equipment for each event (some
customization depends on each event’s needs like the right colored bulbs on lights etc.). 


On the day of the event, we load our vehicle (and trailer depending on the venue size) and haul it to the event, showing up at least an hour early to setup and make sure all equipment is hooked up and in good working order before guests arrive.  During the event we make annoucements, follow any given timelines, scanning the crowd trying to figure out which songs to play for the type of guests there and normally getting bombarded with music requests trying to keep everyone happy.   Last but not least, we clean up, unplug and haul all our equipment back in our vehicle at the end of the night. We then drive back to the shop and unload all the equipment again (usually 2am by now).  After just a few events the equipment already starts to show wear and tear from usage and the loading/unloading setting up process.   In this business we normally purchase and replace all new equipment every 12 months.


 I’ve personally DJ’d hundreds of weddings in my
career – I’m no longer the weekend warrior with minimal equipment or music
collection – I’m a pro who does this for a living.  And the DJ’s on my
team have DJ’d over 100 weddings as well.  
Service and quality are two things we offer and live up to with our clients. 


So now that you know how much work is involved being a DJ, we hope you choose a reputable professional company like us for all your music and entertainment needs.

We work hard on the day of your event and we always have a backup plan in case something happens to your assigned DJ –  NOT one who may cancel on you if he’s in a car accident the day before your wedding! 


We try to offer services at all price ranges from small set ups to very large, so contact us and let us know what we need to do to earn your business!  (603)763-1452


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